From Donna Lindquist about her yellow lab Buck:  "Swimming at the Canine Spa always brought a smile to his face, reviving his inner spirit.  Your pool made him smile, gave him something to look forward to, that last year and a half of his life." 


We remember Scott Liddy's long-time swimmer Sweetness.  Scott was very dedicated to this sweet girl and will surely miss her.  But we hope he'll see her again on the Rainbow Bridge!

We remember Gerry Spear's "Caesar."  Rest in peace beautiful boy. 



Bailey Moo Memorial Pic.jpg

My beautiful yellow lab, Bailey"Moo" got her wings on Saturday March 11, 2017 at 1:42 at home with me and my other black lab Maggie.  Moo had degenerative myopathy which affected her back legs.  The disease was incurable and working with our vet Dr. Mimnaugh and Dr. Papp we decided the best for her was to swim.  Although we only made it a few times she was back to her old puppy self in the water.  The decision to help her get  her wings was heartbreaking. One day we will be reunited and I promised her we would play fetch in the clouds. Owner: Keri Torretti

In memory of Gary and Bev's beautiful lab, Starr. What a wonderful dog she was!

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